biofilm sensor

DEPOSENS® tube sensors

 Detect biofilm and scale in
 pipes with our
  standard tube sensors.
 Optimize your water threatment
 and save time and money.

biofilm sensor

DEPOSENS® tank sensors

 Monitor deposits in
 open tanks with our
  tank sensors.

biofilm sensor

DEPOSENS® strap on sensors

 With our
  strap on sensors
 we enable you to
 detect deposits at the
 inner walls of tubes
 and tanks right from
 the outside.

biofilm sensor

DEPOSENS® controller

 Use our sensors with
 our established
  DEPOSENS®3 controller
 as a stand-alone solution
 or combine the sensors with
 or new modular system

biofilm sensor

DEPOSENS® compact

 For application in waterline panels
 we developed
DEPOSENS® compact
 for you.
 This devices monitors both:
 biofilm und scaling.

DEPOSENS cabinet biofilm and scaling

special solutions

 With our
  DEPOSENS® cabinet
 we provide you an easy
 to install waterline panel
 with sensors and controller.