measuring the heat transfer

Our sensors detect minute changes in heat transmission (4) caused by deposits (2) within a monitored system. The generated data signal is directly proportional to the thickness of deposits.

DEPOSENS Messprinzip Biofilm Scaling

In contrast to other available sensors and probes, DEPOSENS® sensors do not have any protruding components or parts. Flow is thus uninterrupted; no deposits are induced and the measured thickness represents true deposits.

integrierte Messung von Biofilm und Scaling

SET-UP and combination of sensors

The DEPOSENS® system consists of a controller and a sensor unit (7). The controller servs as an on-site data storage, communication hub and a management device for the sensor units. Each controller may be connected to up to two sensors (biofilm and/or scaling (8)+(9)). This provides additional data points and precise monitoring.

integrierte Messung von Biofilm und Scaling

Our DEPOSENS® compact (10) is specifically designed for installation within a bypass in addition to common sensors for process parameters such as conductivity, pH etc. The DEPOSENS® compact combines a controller, a biofilm and a scale sensor. The DEPOSENS® compact is easily connected to any monitoring software via the provided 4-20mA signal.