measuring the heat transfer

Our sensors detect the minute changes in heat transmission (4) caused by deposits (2) within a monitored system. The generated data signal is directly proportional to the thickness of deposits.

DEPOSENS Messprinzip Biofilm Scaling

In contrast to other available sensors and probes, DEPOSENS® sensors do not have any protruding components or parts. Flow is thus uninterrupted, deposits are not induced and the measured thickness represents true deposits.

integrierte Messung von Biofilm und Scaling

SET-UP and combination of sensors

The DEPOSENS® system always consists of a controller and a sensor unit (7). The controller functions as on-site data storage, communication hub and management of the sensor units. Up to 2 of the same (8) or different sensors (9) can be connected to a controller. This provides the user with additional flexibility and choices for type and location of the sensor units.

integrierte Messung von Biofilm und Scaling

Our DEPOSENS® compact (10) is specifically designed for installation within a bypass with other sensor probes. The DEPOSENS® compact is a combination of controller, a biofilm and a scale sensor. The DEPOSENS® compact is easily connected to any monitoring software via the provided 4-20mA signal.